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Monday, March 24, 2014

Guest Speaker

I was invited as a guest speaker by the Bahia Vista Mennonite Church tonight to talk about my books!
I was so warmly welcomed, and it was a wonderful experience.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Strawberry Reads

Strawberry Reads event at Bailey Elementary School today 

with Brenda Martin & Brenda Spalding

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Strawberry Reads

My next book signing event March 22nd......

Thursday, January 30, 2014

We felt like celebrities tonight at Bashaw Elementary~
We were invited to speak about & read our books to the kids
for their Literacy Family night.

Brenda Spalding reading her book, "Hayden's Garden"
 Jacqueline Paske Gill Reading "The Monster in the Basement"

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sat. Dec 14th 10-4 @ The Art Center Sarasota

Friday, November 22, 2013

Matlacha Author Days

Matlacha Authors Days
* Nov 30th & Dec 1st, 2013 ~ 9 am until 5 pm *

Matlacha Author Days is a heavily promoted local TV and other media-literary event in Pine Island, Florida, that helps authors increase their reader base by providing them with the opportunity to speak to an audience in an “auditorium” setting. I will be one of many authors presenting information about their books, writing, and knowledge of their subjects at this outdoor event.
There will be about 70 authors, with 70 TV spots on both NBC and ABC affiliates which reach viewers in seven counties and more than a half-million households. 
My presentation will be on Sunday, Dec 1st at 11 am.

*Matlacha is close to Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, and Sanibel Island and in the vicinity of Sarasota, Venice, Port Charlotte, Bonita Springs, Naples and Marco Island. The site for the event is Matlacha Park part of the Lee County park system.

  Author interview questions:

Why you wrote your book-
I've been drawing & writing stories since I was a child, and knew I wanted to write children's books. My first book is from a poem my sister wrote about winter that I illustrated as a gift to her. "My Childhood Winter" was so visual to me, I held onto it for years to create a book from it one day. After it was published, I was inspired to write a book for the other 3 seasons. My son was in kindergarten then, and the seasons were a popular interest for kids, so since then I published a book for spring & summer, and I am currently working on fall.
In the middle of working on the other seasons, I wrote & illustrated "The Monster in the Basement" after it was suggested that I write a story about the illustration used for the cover, which I did in college. 

How you create your characters-

The characters are all based on my childhood memories of my family. "The Monster in the Basement" is actually based on a true story that many children can relate to. You don't have to have a basement to understand the story, you just have to be able to relate to the common childhood fear of the dark, and how your imagination of what could be in the dark can scare you. Having an older brother helps, because most older brothers love to tease & scare their younger siblings.

What inspires your writing-

Life~ my childhood memories, as well as music, art, movies, nature, my child, and beautiful images; as an artist, pretty much everything & anything can inspire me, depending on the mood & my perspective, and depending on what experiences I'm having in my life at the time. Artists have a need to create or we feel stifled ~ it's therapeutic.

What history is behind your work-
I come from a family of artists. I went to art school for illustration, knowing I wanted to have a career in art. I found a love of children's books & started collecting them at that time. I love telling stories with pictures. After college I taught pre-school & art at an elementary school, and painted murals for 10 years, before publishing children's books.

Interesting things you've discovered during the writing process-

I love creative writing. I hadn't done it since college, and I really enjoy the creativity of using words to express images when writing stories, especially through poetry. Writing for children is less serious and so much more fun. I love it.

What is your writing process-
I actually do most of my writing after hours when I should be sleeping. That's when my mind races and my creativity is at it's best. I keep paper next to my bed because the ideas flow while trying to fall asleep. I just let it come to me over time until I think it's complete. 

What message do you want your work to convey to your readers-
My books are simple & directed more toward younger children. Reading to your kids is the best foundation for a love of books. If they don't start early, they may not become good readers, nor will they have any love or interest in reading. If they read, or have good books read to them at a young age, it will instill that appreciation when they are older. We are in a digital age where the common basic knowledge of how to look at a book gets pushed aside until children go to school, and sometimes that can be too late. 

For more information go to:

Mixon's Harvest Festival

Mixon's has their fall arts & crafts fair 
Saturday & Sunday Nov. 23rd & 24th  9am~5pm
~ Lots of food and activities all day ~
Come see me for a booksigning with other ABC books for children authors

for directions go to: Mixon Fruit Farms